MagTek is a world leader in electronic transaction technology. From magnetic stripe card readers and writers to high-accuracy MICR cheque readers and scanners, secure PIN issuance and cardholder verification systems.

MagTek's products and components are in use today in thousands of companies around the world, incorporated into kiosks and ATMs, banking customer service terminals, custom retail POS system readers, terminals, at the point-of-sale (POS) and back-office locations and restaurant and hospitality equipment.

MagTek also addresses security and the risks of online banking "Phishing" as well as "Skimming" at the point of sale, by offering a strong two-factor authentication using existing ATM, Debit, Credit and Gift Cards throughout multiple business channels and vertical markets.

MagTek's MagnePrint technology is able to detect cards that have been illegally reproduced ("skimmed") as well as cards that have had their data altered.

MagnePrint is based upon the principle that all magnetic stripes are intrinsically unique due to the random distribution of the magnetic particles. When viewed as an aggregate, the billions of magnetic particles create a unique magnetic fingerprint which is referred to as the "MagnePrint". The MagnePrint value changes dynamically with every swipe of the card providing a onetime use verifiable password (OTP), obtained from a unique, secure and non-reproducible token.

All magnetic stripe cards have this property. Thus, MagnePrint has the additional benefit that there is no need to reissue cards to consumers. The existing magstripe cards in the wallets of consumers are already "MagnePrint enabled" and ready for use.

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