We created a motorised magstripe/Smart Card encoder-reader that allows financial and ID cards to be instantly encoded and issued to customers.


Membership Magstripe Card Reader and Encoder. Manual Swipe. Proven. Reliable.


  • Encode your own club membership magstripe cards with your member's details
  • Save time & save cost by reissuing cards in-house
  • Membership card replacements while your customers wait
  • A quality solution for encoding membership cards
  • Identify, rectify and reissue faulty cards
  • Hi-Co and Lo-Co magnetic stripe encoding automatically detected
  • Track 1,2,3 magstripe encoding per ISO 7810, 7811 standard
  • Closed end slot prevents card skimming
  • Two-line LCD provides clear instructions and status to the operator
  • Atttractive grey housing to resist dirt and colour fading
  • Low cost


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Cornerstone Design