We created a motorised magstripe/Smart Card encoder-reader that allows financial and ID cards to be instantly encoded and issued to customers.


Simple. Secure. Proven. Hand Swipe. 

This 25+ year old product is now at end of life and has been replaced by the QuickCards PIN solution.

Ensure that card issuance and cardholder-selected PIN activities are fast, secure and reliable with the flexible and powerful features of MCAT. This desktop terminal delivers secure PIN selection and card encoding for ATM, debit and credit cards. The MCAT is easily configured to support multiple card types and offers a simple design for managing user access and audit data.

MCAT’s powerful and flexible features allow financial institutions to easily define and control operational methods, authorised users, user privileges, and audit features in a manner that is appropriate for the scope and security needs of their card issuance and consumer-selected PIN operations. From a per-branch perspective, MCAT can be custom configured to meet the unique requirements for each specific branch or user.


  • Track 1,2,3 magstripe encoding per ISO 7810, 7811
  • Auto-detect and encode of Lo-Co or Hi-Co media
  • Two-line LCD provides clear instructions and status to the operator
  • Closed end encode slot prevents card skimming
  • Portable PIN pad can be handed directly to cardholders for added security and ease-of-use
  • Supervisor cards define access rights and privileges for operators
  • Transaction logs provide a complete audit trail for all card issuance activities
  • Advanced physical and logical security features ensure that a stolen or lost unit becomes non-operational

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