Protect yourself from fraud with Magtek's proactive card authentication

Magnesafe™ card readers provide real-time, dynamic card authentication that protects you and your customers from identity theft and fraud.

Magtek insert card readers are easy to use, ISO compliant and come in a range of options sure to meet your needs. Click on the product links below to get more information about Magtek's card readers.

Half Card
Half CardHalf CardHalf Card
Half CardHalf CardHalf Card

Half Card

Open Chassis. Small Footprint. Flexible Interface.

The Half Card Insert Readers take up very little panel space and require much less panel depth than full length insert card readers. They are popular for gaming purposes and other closed applications where special function cards are used. A rear sensor is used to indicate card present.


  • Small bezel
  • Port-powered
  • Ideal for gaming applications
  • Multiple interfaces

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