Protect yourself from fraud with Magtek's proactive card authentication

Magnesafe™ card readers provide real-time, dynamic card authentication that protects you and your customers from identity theft and fraud.

Magtek insert card readers are easy to use, ISO compliant and come in a range of options sure to meet your needs. Click on the product links below to get more information about Magtek's card readers.

IntelliStripe 65
IntelliStripe 65IntelliStripe 65IntelliStripe 65
IntelliStripe 65

IntelliStripe 65

Manual Insert. EMV L1 4.1 - ISO 7816. Flexible Interface.

The IntelliStripe 65 manual-insert card reader allows for fast and reliable reading of magstripe and/or Smart Card data on cards that meet the ISO 7810, 7811, 7816 specifications. Its ergonomically designed chassis allows for easy user interface, and ensures accurate and consistent card reading under all conditions.

It can withstand a wide range of operational and environmental conditions, and is an ideal card reader solution for environments such as ATM, vending machine, or self-service kiosks. Its optional card-latch feature allows the card to be securely held within the reader during the entire transaction process, and reduces the possibility of unwanted human intervention during card read operations. Power-fail card-latch release and manual over-ride features are available to ensure that a customer’s card can be easily retrieved under any condition.


  • Reads Magnetic stripe and Smart Cards
  • EMV L1 4.1 certified
  • Optional contactless read capability
  • Open bottom for debris fall out
  • USB and RS-232 interfaces on board
  • Optional entry gate, card latch, metal bezel and SAM socket

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