Protect yourself from fraud with Magtek's proactive card authentication

Magnesafe™ card readers provide real-time, dynamic card authentication that protects you and your customers from identity theft and fraud.

Magtek insert card readers are easy to use, ISO compliant and come in a range of options sure to meet your needs. Click on the product links below to get more information about Magtek's card readers.

MT-215 Reader
MT-215 ReaderMT-215 ReaderMT-215 Reader
MT-215 Reader

MT-215 Reader

Dual Read Head. Rugged Design. Flexible Interface.

OEM insertion readers are available in a variety of interfaces and head arrangements. They can be mounted either for horizontal or vertical card insertion. The debris-clearing chassis minimizes down time caused by insertion of foreign objects. The dual head models can read a card with the magnetic stripe orientated in either of two directions - thus minimising the need to reinsert the card. A card-present sensor at the rear of the slot notifies the application that a card has been inserted so that the cardholder can be prompted with further instructions.


  • Easy mounting to panel of host
  • Open bottom for debris fall out
  • Multiple interfaces
  • USB powered
  • Dual head option

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