Protect yourself from fraud with Magtek's proactive card authentication

Magnesafe™ card readers provide real-time, dynamic card authentication that protects you and your customers from identity theft and fraud.

Magtek insert card readers are easy to use, ISO compliant and come in a range of options sure to meet your needs. Click on the product links below to get more information about Magtek's card readers.



Sealed Bezel and Chassis. Dual Read Head. Flexible Interface.

The P-Series Readers are designed for installations that might be subjected to harsh environments such as fuel (petroleum) pumps and outdoor kiosks. The water-tight design of the bezel and reader body meet UL50 requirements and effectively seal the unit from vapors and liquids. This design protects the electronics from harmful contamination. These compact insert card readers conform to ISO standards. The readers are available with single or dual head configurations supporting 2 or 3 tracks of information. Dual-head units include circuitry to automatically ensure that the ISO magnetic stripe is read in the case where a dual-stripe JIS (Japanese) credit card is inserted. A card is read by inserting it into and/or removing it out of the card slot.

Optional mounting brackets, which tilt the unit forward to aid in draining water from the reader, are available.


  • Sealed bezel and chassis
  • Ideal for gas pumps and outdoor kiosk applications
  • Multiple interfaces available
  • Available with a protruding or flat bezel
  • Mounting brackets optional
  • Dual head option

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