Metro Signs up 25,000 in First Year

Metro Bank says it will open 16 new UK branches in the next 18 months, trebling the size of its network as it looks to build on a first year on the high street that has seen 25,000 retail and business accounts opened.

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PA-DSS Statement for Payment Applications

In September of 2010, Troy Leach, the Chief Standards Architect for PCI DSS, stated; "properly implemented P2PE
will allow merchants to reduce their scope in complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

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Metro Bank Beats First Year Account Opening Target In Just One Month

UK banking upstart Metro Bank says its first branch exceeded full-year account opening targets in its first month of operation.

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New Whitepapers

The PCI Security Standards Council releases new whitepapers. With new EMV and P2PE technologies on the horizon, these guidelines can give merchants a solid understanding of how they can better secure payment card data.

These long-awaited whitepapers are the result of direct industry feedback.

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