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Instantly and securely issue magstripe ATM, debit, credit & gift cards with consumer-selected PINs at any branch location with IntelliCAT. This secure, fast, reliable, and cost-effective card issuance and PIN selection platform is fully customisable and can simultaneously increase card security, card usage, and card revenues while reducing overall card issuing costs. With powerful and flexible features, IntelliCAT allows financial institutions to easily define and control operational methods, authorised users, system privileges, and audit features which are appropriate for the scope and security needs of their card issuance and consumer selected PIN operations.

The IntelliCAT platform is a comprehensive system designed to ensure that card issuance and consumer selected PIN activities occur in a fast, secure, and reliable manner that provides a complete audit trail. It is available via a wide range of PIN change terminals and features a suite of Windows® based software modules that provide a comprehensive platform for the design, setup, administration, and auditing of all card issuance and PIN selection activities, IntelliCAT supports MagTek IntelliPIN PIN pad and ExpressCard 1000 card issuance equipment. The advanced software platform also offers a paper PIN feature for consumer PIN selection for remote card holders that can’t come into the branch office.


  • Windows® based software application that allows you to create, manage and monitor your card issuing program
  • Instantly issue ATM, debit, gift cards and credit cards with consumer selected PINs
  • Eliminate the need to use an outside service bureau to produce your cards
  • In-Branch emergency card replacements for Lost, Stolen or Damaged cards
  • Re-PIN a card rather than issue a completely new card for a forgotten PIN
  • Customer Selected PIN for higher card activation and usage
  • Manage unlimited authorised users
  • Create easy-to-use data entry screens for your users
  • Advanced encryption algorithms protect PIN security
  • Supports Single DES, Triple DEA (3DES), VISA PVV, IdentiKey & ANSI Encrypted PIN Block Algorithms


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